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Your data blindless is holding you back

It's the Hidden Hurdle in Your Travel Business

In the bustling world of travel, from solo advisors and agents to large agencies, there’s a silent struggle that many overlook: data blindness.

Knowing your numbers – sales goals, financials, and marketing metrics – isn’t just a part of the business; it’s the backbone of success.

Too often, this crucial aspect is left in the shadows. Most travel agencies, advisors and agents do not have clear forecasts and goals mapped out in detail, and instead opt for the “try my best and see where I end up” approach.

This leads to data blindless. It can stall and even kill your business, adding stress and overwhelm to your plate, and leaving you to scramble not knowing where your next booking will come from.

The Impact of Data Blindness on Your Business

❌ Unclear Sales Goals

Without a firm grasp on your data, setting and hitting sales targets becomes a game of guesswork. How do you aim for growth when you don’t know where you stand?

❌ Financial Fog

Not having a clear picture of your financial health can lead to budget mismanagement, cash flow issues, and even jeopardize the sustainability of your business.

❌ Ineffective Marketing

Marketing without data is like shooting arrows in the dark. You might hit something, but it won’t likely be your target market.

❌ Stress and Uncertainty

The lack of data-driven clarity adds an unnecessary layer of stress and uncertainty, making it harder to make confident, informed decisions.

Solo Advisors & Agents

If you’re a one-person show, you’re likely juggling multiple roles – sales, marketing, bookkeeping, customer service, travel planning, and more.

It’s no wonder that tracking and analyzing data can seem overwhelming, often taking a backseat to the day-to-day operations.

However, not knowing your data is like navigating a ship without a compass. You might keep moving, but are you heading in the right direction?

Agency Owners

For bigger travel agencies, the challenge is different but equally significant.

With multiple departments and perhaps a higher volume of transactions, it’s easy for critical data to get lost in the sea of daily activities.

Teams might work in silos, with marketing, sales, and finance not fully aligned.

Not tracking your data carefully will leave you in the dark as to where you have holes in your funnel – is it a traffic issue (marketing) or a  conversion issue (sales)?

Embrace the Power of Data

Understanding and utilizing your data isn’t just about numbers; it’s about gaining the clarity and confidence to steer your travel agency towards success. Whether you’re a solo advisor/agent or a large agency, your data holds the key to unlocking potential, optimizing strategies, and achieving your business goals.

Start turning data into your most powerful ally today. Your journey towards a more informed, successful travel business begins here.

Imagine if you knew...


Email subscribers

Exactly how many email subscribers it would take to convert into paying clients.

This number is calculated in the workbook using the following information:

  • Your email marketing and sales history (if you have one)
  • A basic conversion rate if you do not have a history of email marketing. This option is perfect for start ups or businesses with no history.


Quote requests

Exactly how many quote requests you would need to turn into paying clients.

This number is calculated in the workbook using the following information:

  • The number of people who open your emails, 
  • The number of people who click on your emails
  • The number of engaged email subscribers you have.


Paying clients

Exactly how many paying clients you need to hit your commission goals.

This number is calculated in the workbook based on the following:

  • The type of travel you sell
    Who you sell to
  • The suppliers you use
  • The commission they pay, and
  • Your personal sales close average (quotes vs bookings).


Your Pathway to Clarity

We’ve crafted “Revelation” – a groundbreaking workbook complemented by an insightful series of video prompts.

Designed specifically for travel professionals like you, Revelation offers the clearest insight you’ve ever experienced in your business journey.

Check out the Revelation workbook in action…

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Great! It’s now time to start working towards them. Don’t worry – we have a plan for that. You will not do it alone.

That’s OK. The Revelation workbook was built in a way that you can increase or decrease your numbers to get the right commission totals. 

You may need to:

👉🏽 Choose suppliers with higher commission

👉🏽 Increase the number of people you need to book

👉🏽 Increase the total spend per person

Either way, keep working your numbers until you get to what you need.


You need 2024 to be your best year yet



How can the Revelation Workbook help you?


Step into the light with 100% clarity on your sales and marketing efforts. Understand what works, what doesn’t, and why.


Move away from emotional guesswork. Let data guide your strategy and unlock your full potential.


Learn to spend less yet achieve more. Optimize your time, money, and resources like never before.


Set and achieve realistic, data-backed sales targets. Wake up every day knowing exactly what you need to do.


Gain profound business insights in less than 30 minutes. Fast-track your path to success without the usual trial and error.


You won’t believe the amount of peace that Revelation will bring to your busy mind.


Click the + symbol to see

✓ You want to decide for yourself how much money you will make next year (not find out from your accountant at the end)

✓ You are tired of trying to sell anything to anyone – way too many suppliers all wanting your business

✓ Nothing you have done has worked yet – you’re still not profitable and don’t know why

✓ You want to lean into math and science, and away from emotion driven decision making

× You are set in your ways and fight change when suggested with a new way of doing something

× You are happy to see where your business takes you – and don’t need to achieve any specific goals… your business is more of a hobby

× You’re too busy. You just can’t make time to work ON your business instead of IN your business.

× You avoid making decisions and committing to a process out of fear of failure – and already know you will do it again this time.


For many in the travel agency business, be they owners, advisors, or agents, the practice of setting sales goals often boils down to choosing a number that seems personally satisfying.

This target is usually a slight increase from the previous year’s figures or a comfortably attainable figure that doesn’t demand much effort, minimizing the sense of failure if unmet.

These approaches are more emotionally than data-driven.

The Revelation workbook transforms goal setting by encouraging a broader perspective.

It assists in defining your niche and identifying your ideal client, necessitating detailed calculations for each preferred supplier.

Although initially overwhelming, this thorough approach yields precise results.

Moving beyond arbitrary sales predictions, the workbook also determines the necessary number of email subscribers for effective weekly marketing, which in turn helps generate an optimal number of leads, proposals, and quotes.

What sets the Revelation workbook apart is its consideration of your commission structure and personal sales closing rate, making it a uniquely tailored tool for goal setting.

As a travel agency, you benefit from having a niche for several reasons:

1. Expertise
Specializing in a specific area, like cruising, family, or adventure travel, allows you to offer in-depth knowledge and tailored services.

2. Differentiation
A niche helps you stand out in the competitive travel industry by offering unique experiences.

3. Targeted Marketing Focused marketing strategies are more effective and efficient when directed at your specific client base.

4. Customer Loyalty
Your specialized services attract and retain customers who seek specific travel experiences.

5. Stronger Supplier Relationships
Regular dealings with select suppliers can lead to better rates and exclusive deals.

6. Operational Efficiency
A niche streamlines your business operations, from staff training to product selection.

In short, a niche allows your travel agency to become an expert, differentiate itself, market effectively, build loyalty, establish strong partnerships, and operate more efficiently.

If you’d like to learn more about how to choose a niche, check out the Travel Marketing & Media ® Podcast, specifically episode two and episode 3.

For a brand new travel agent, setting sales forecasts without any prior sales can be challenging, but there are strategic ways to approach it.

One effective method is to consult with an established agent or advisor within the same niche who is already profitable.

Gaining insights from their experience can provide a realistic perspective on what to expect in terms of sales and client acquisition.

Alternatively, you can determine your desired revenue goal for the year and work backwards from there.

By understanding the average spend per client in your niche, you can calculate the number of clients needed to meet your revenue target.

This figure then becomes your first-year client acquisition goal.

As you progress, it’s important to remain flexible and adjust your goals up or down based on the realism of the targets and the learning curve associated with understanding your specific market and client base.

This approach allows you to set informed and adaptable goals, laying a solid foundation for your new venture in the travel industry.

It’s important to specialize, and here’s why: Attempting to sell everything to everyone often leads to failure.

Many new agents and advisors in the industry hesitate to focus on a niche, but they eventually recognize its necessity.

The reason is simple: Managing a vast array of suppliers becomes excessively complex. When you spread your attention too thinly, you lose your expertise. Moreover, representing suppliers with diverse target audiences forces you to market to a broad range of travelers, failing to truly connect with any specific group.

We totally feel you on this. Sandra created this program BECAUSE she has always struggled with math but needed to find a way to keep on top of her business finance, starting with sales goals and revenue prediction.

You do NOT need to be good at math or have a brain for numbers to use the Revelation workbook and benefit from it.

The Revelation workbook was created in Excel. You can save it to your computer, a hard drive, or upload it to Excel. 

If you do not have access to Microsoft Excel you can upload the workbook to Google Drive and use it in Google Spreadsheet. Unfortunately we are unable to provide tech support for this but you can find more guidance here.

You don’t need any tools other than access to Microsoft Excel, or Google Sheets (should you choose to convert the file).

You don’t even need a calculator! It’s all built in and works automatically.

You will need to know the commission rates of the suppliers you want to sell. If you don’t know them, reach out to your host agency or travel agency owner/manager.


You will also need to know your commission split with your agency.

If you have technical questions about the workbook we suggest watching Sandra’s video walk through. It’s very detailed. If your question is not answered, email us. 

If you love the numbers you see, stick with those. If not, you’ll need to tweak them until you get to the outcome you’re happy with.

Next you’ll need a blueprint or map on how to reach those numbers. Start by listening to our free podcast and keep an eye on your inbox. We have some short masterclasses/courses and coaching coming your way.

We are all in a hurry to make money. You aren’t alone there.

The Revelation workbook will give you IMMEDIATE visibility on your numbers. No wait time at all. But just remember – building a business won’t happen overnight. We can help you with the plan and checklist you need to get those leads coming in – you’re in the right place!

It will give you the visibility you need on your business numbers – namely, your sales goals and how much commission you will actually make. This number is calculated in the workbook using the following information:
1. The commission the supplier pays your agency

2. Any split you have with your host agency and/or agency owner

3. The total number of clients and email subscribers you will need to hit these goals.

This information is priceless!

The good news is that you can start fresh with the correct information you need. You will know what you want to sell, how many clients you will need to sell to, and how many email subscribers you will need in order to maximize your leads.

Setting targets is hard if you have no sales. There are two ways to do this:

1. Ask an experienced advisor in the same niche what a good first year goal would be. You can also ask your host agency.

2. Set your goal based on how much commission you need (money needed to run your business and pay for your life).

The Revelation workbook was created in Microsoft Excel however if you do not have access to it, you can download it and then upload the file into Google Drive which will convert it to Google Sheets. We are not able to provide technical support for Google Sheets as our business does not use it.


Within minutes of completing your Revelation workbook, these three feelings may pop up…


Marketing is MATH. It always works. Starting with a solid sales forecast is the first and best step. At Travel Marketing & Media ® we have a number of incredible programs and services for you to join. Here are just a few of our favorite already scheduled for 2024:






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Angela J

Angela brings a lifetime, literally, of writing and travel experience to the team. She has traveled to more than 30 countries—and has lived in four of them.

What I do

Create high-quality content

On my travel bucket list

Antarctica, the Galapagos, Egypt, Slovenia and Patagonia are currently at the top of the list, but I want to go EVERYWHERE.

My fave food

Anything with avocado

My favorite people in my life

Family and friends, of course! Especially the ones who join me on epic travel adventures…some of whom I met on epic travel adventures.

Laura P

In my free time, I’m a musician (pianist/vocalist/guitarist) and photographer while looking for opportunities to go hiking, travel, and read, especially about psychology. I love to visually bring clients dreams to life!

What I do

 As Design Lead and one of Travel Marketing and Media’s designers, I help manage the design team while designing websites, logos, and marketing kits for clients. With an MBA, I have over 20 years of experience in marketing and design, including over 10 years managing a marketing firm.

On my travel bucket list

Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Africa, Thailand, Alaska, Montana

My fave food

mango, pineapple, jalapeno, spicy Thai or Korean and BBQ (especially Kansas City BBQ brisket burnt ends), I also love to cook and try new foods!



My favorite people in my life

My fiance, family and my 15-year old rescued pomeranian chihuahua Casper

Es M

Es is a creative digital designer. She enjoys creating and designing websites and graphics. When she’s not designing websites, she’s hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

What I do

Wordpress and Wix Website Designer.



On my travel bucket list

Thailand, Mauritius, and Mozambique.

My fave food

Malva pudding – A caramelized sweet cake soaked in creamy syrup and typically served with custard, but I like mine with vanilla ice cream.

My favorite people in my life

My family and my friends. 

Jacqueline K

Jacqueline herself is an avid traveler and brings exceptional experience to the team with her digital marketing, branding and operations.  In her own words she is always looking to add new skills to her arsenal!

What I do

I’m one of TMM’s Marketing Coordinators

On my travel bucket list

Everywhere I haven’t been! Top of my list is Finnish Lapland, Egypt, South Africa, and Antarctica

My fave food

The 3 P’s: Pizza, Pasta, and Popcorn, plus Rack of Lamb and anything Wild Boar

My favorite people in my life

I just got married (Yay for being a COVID-Bride) so my husband, my family, my friends who are really family.  I’ve lived around the United States and have been lucky enough to find a really incredible group of people to laugh with, talk to, go on adventures, and just love each other.

Hannah W

Hannah joins our group with a skillset packed with design, social media and communication roles.  She supports our team in any way she can and has an extensive background in all things marketing. 

What I do


On my travel bucket list


My fave food


My favorite people in my life


Jordana M

Jordana brings 17 years of travel industry experience to the team. She’s traveled to 80+ countries, spends every spare minute she can exploring her local mountains, and is the proud Mother of an adventurous, globetrotting little human.

What I do

Copy shop Writer

On my travel bucket list


My fave food

Singaporean Chicken Rice

My favorite people in my life

My son, my Mom, and my community of girlfriends

Orestes D

Orestes is the lead on Wordpress development projects. He possesses 10+ years of experience working with companies to bring their ideal online presence to life, with clientele ranging from small business owners to large travel brands.

What I do

Build all the Wordpress websites.

On my travel bucket list

Scotland, Ireland and India.

My fave food

Mexican and Italian.

My favorite people in my life

My wife, kids and family.

Lou M

Always up for a new adventure and learning more about what the world has to offer. A laid-back and caring individual that loves spending time with her family, playing guitar, reading, and solving puzzles.

What I do

I’m a Graphic Designer and Design Support for Travel Marketing and Media. I help create websites and other graphic elements, as well as helping my other team members. I also work with other clients creating UI and digital content on many platforms.

On my travel bucket list

Italy, Maldives, and Australia.

My fave food

I love smoked salmon and cream cheese on a croissant, sushi, watermelon, any warm homemade food, and a cup of matcha latte any time.

My favorite people in my life

My family is my everything. All I do is for them. My partner holds the most special place in my heart, as I can’t see myself without him.

Kelsea R

Kelsea is one of our 4 amazing concierges providing excellent service to Travel Marketing and Media Clients. She brings 10+ years of experience and also assists in project management. She is always up for a challenge and looking to get things done!

What I do

I am a Client Concierge and I make sure we keep our advisors happy!

On my travel bucket list

Next time I’m able to travel internationally, I’ll be crossing Greece off my list

My fave food

Mexican street tacos with lots of cilantro and lime

My favorite people in my life

My partner, Cait and my hound/beagle mix, Chester.


TWELVE INSTALLMENTS – Special offer that requires prior approval. For clarification, please email  *Additional $500 premium applies to WordPress site


To get that consistent stream of new clients you need two things; a strategy and tactics. We'd like to send you a weekly email with that help. 


We're here to help you build a travel business that is wildly profitable and brings you joy.

Thanks! Keep an eye on your inbox for updates.


Charisse has a wealth of administrative knowledge and experience. She’s from North Carolina, and has a really calm demeanor yet is eager when it comes to her work.

What I do

Learning the ends and outs of the web design process, responding to questions and concerns from clients.

On my travel bucket list

Johannesburg, North Holland, Alaska

My fave food


My favorite people in my life

My mom, my sisters, my cousins, and my friends from H.S/College.

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Jenn G

She specializes in blogs and articles about family and home but has a passion for travel.

When she’s not working, she enjoys time with her husband, three (adult) children, and five pets. She and her family live in a beautiful area in Maine with no shortage of things to do!

What I do

Freelance writer

On my travel bucket list

Hawaii, Italy, and Australia

My fave food

Cheeseburgers and fried chicken (not healthy, but I don’t care – yum!)

My favorite people in my life

My husband and children

Matthew D

While his degree may be in journalism, he spends most of his time focusing on blogs and social
media writing for clients in various industries. When not writing, Matthew also spends a large chunk of his time working in education. He divides his time between working in the classroom and helping to run before and after school childcare programs. In his free time, he can be found reading, crafting, and keeping up with all things pop culture (just not the Kardashians).

What I do

Content Writer

On my travel bucket list

Cyprus, Prague (Again), Argentina, Australia

My fave food

Vegetable Lasagna, Any kind of soup,  Hummus, Chex Mix

My favorite people in my life

My parents, but specifically my favorite travel companion, my mother.

Jonnelle Davis

In the meantime, as a travel content editor, Jonnelle helps to deliver clean and engaging content to our travel agents.

She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family, and she savors opportunities to have new experiences, big and small.

What I do

Vestibulum eget dolor quis orci bibendum fermentum. Curabitur convallis turpis.

On my travel bucket list

Vestibulum eget dolor quis orci bibendum fermentum. Curabitur convallis turpis.

My fave food

Vestibulum eget dolor quis orci bibendum fermentum. Curabitur convallis turpis.

My favorite people in my life

Vestibulum eget dolor quis orci bibendum fermentum. Curabitur convallis turpis.

Anthony McLemore

Not only does Anthony co-host some of the video related Power Sessions with Sandra, but he also created an incredible course for travel bussinesses showing them how to use video to increase their sales.

If you’re lucky you’ll also catch him at a travel conference on stage or in our booth.

What I do

I direct and produce video content for travel suppliers such as cruise lines, hotel chains, associations, consortia, host agencies, and tour operators. My expertise is in interviewing and storytelling and the content that I produce is an excellent investment for suppliers as they can use it for many years to come. I travel with a film crew to the suppliers and we also travel to destinations to capture photos and videos to build supplier media libraries.

On my travel bucket list

Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, exploring the South Pacific islands where my wife’s family is from, a safari with my son and wife in South Africa, and a first-class train adventure somewhere exotic.

My fave food

Japanese, Thai, Italian, Greek

My favorite people in my life

Not surprisingly…. Sandra and Houston! I also have amazing parents, family, and friends in every corner of the globe that I am grateful for.

Dana B

When she’s not making beautiful websites, Dana enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter. She’s always looking to plan their next road trip or outdoor adventure, and can’t help but be expired but the amazing destinations she learns about through her work every day.

What I do

I help bring the client’s business to life by crafting stunning websites and marketing pieces to showcase their unique travel services.

On my travel bucket list

My travel bucket list right now is focused more on domestic destinations. I want to see more of our beautiful country–the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, the New England coast, the Florida Keys, and Hawaii just to name a few!

My fave food

I love all different kinds of foods but right now I’m really digging Mediterranean flavors. Give me all the garlic and all the spices!

My favorite people in my life

My favorite people in my life are of course my husband and daughter, my parents and siblings, and my dog Lucy!

Jenny M

Tasnia is an avid traveler who provides writing content for travel businesses. She acquires extensive experience as a writer and brings her passion of travel and creative writing into Travel Marketing and Media. 

What I do

I’m a Freelance Creative Writer. 

On my travel bucket list

Verona, Italy & Santorini, Greece have my heart.

My fave food

My favorite food consists of cheese, or anything spicy. 

My favorite people in my life

My favorite people in my life include my family, friends, and my cat Macy! 

Emily B

As a North Carolina native, Emily spent most of her summers on the coast so her love for the sea and adventure developed at an early age. Since moving to New York, Emily has built a career around travel and looks forward to exploring more of Southeast Asia and South America in the future.

What I do

Freelance writer for social media, websites, destinations, and blogs. 

On my travel bucket list

Vietnam, Australia, and Costa Rica!

My fave food

Anything Italian and a really good cheeseburger!

My favorite people in my life

Family and my friends/travel buddies!

Svetlana I

Svetlana is known for her detail-oriented nature and her desire to learn. She is multilingual, enjoys yoga, new experiences, and loves travel!

What I do

I make sure our clients get answers to their questions and get to the right courses at the right time

On my travel bucket list

All around Seattle, Vancouver, and Anchorage

My fave food

Anything-raw vegan with a steaming hot mug of pure cacao

My favorite people in my life

My mom

Jeanna Akins

She has spent over a decade in the Administrative world and has a knack for order and direction. She is our go-to for a wide array of services. If she doesn’t have the answer she’ll find it or get you to the team member that does!

Jeanna enjoys time with her family (which includes a 13 year old Yorkie), being out doors and bringing old objects back to life. She also has a passion for volunteering in her community.

What I do

I proudly provide services as Travel Marketing and Media’s business manager. Leading our concierge’s, creative team, and content production for Social Media Solutions as well as work with VIP clients and organize events for Sandra.

On my travel bucket list

Germany,  Iceland and Norway.

My fave food

Mexican, Italian and Thai food.

My favorite people in my life

My Family and friends for sure, life just wouldn’t be as great without them and a special shout out to my husband who puts up with me!

Tawney Clum

Tawney loves all things outdoors and treasures time with her friends and family. In her down time she takes advantage the beautiful  near by mountains and lakes while indulging in great fishing trips!

She loves her family and friends and a great family vacation!

What I do

Assistant Manager

On my travel bucket list


My fave food


My favorite people in my life

My Children and my Husband

Sandra McLemore

Sandra created Travel Marketing & Media, a marketing agency for travel business owners who want to create a consistent stream of new clients so that they can have a wildly profitable travel business that brings them joy.

She speaks regularly at travel industry events around the world and in 2021 will launch her new travel magazine & travel accessories collection.

Sandra is also the host of Travel Market Report TV, the travel industry’s leading trade publisher, and the travel expert featured on Daily Mail TV, CNN, BBC World News, ABC, morning TV shows, and talk shows.

What I do

I create and teach our signature online course, our masterclasses, workshops and host the Travel Marketing Townhall meetings. I also provide webinars and keynotes for host agencies, consortia and large travel industry events.

On my travel bucket list

South Korea, South Africa, a river cruise, Sri Lanka, a world cruise!

My fave food

Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Japanese.

My favorite people in my life

My husband Anthony, our baby Houston, my Goddaughter Nomi, and all of our amazing friends and family. We have an amazing village. And of course I’ll always love Oprah, Amy Porterfield and Donald Miller.